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  • M Star Drain – Dimpled Protection Membrane

M Star Drain – Dimpled Protection Membrane

HDPE dimpled membranes for protection and drainage of underground wall

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M Star Drain – Dimpled Protection Membrane can be supplied in PRIVATE LABEL.

Product Details

When it comes to protecting the foundation walls, drainage membranes are unbeatable: they combine ultimate pressure resilience under a wide variety of different conditions with a sealing effect for the foundation walls. They keep the building dry and are shockproof and fracture resistant.
When selecting drainage membranes, properties such as abrasion resistance, resistance to chemicals and protection against fungi and bacteria should also be kept in mind to ensure that the drainage membranes do their job properly for many years to come. They are not only a valuable asset when it comes to waterproofing the cellar. They also serve as cleanliness layer or as drainage for green roofs.

M Star Drain

Drainage membranes with high pressure stability

PU Sealants can be supplied in cartridges or sausages depending on the requirement.

600ml sausages | 310ml cartridges

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