MERZ Drain V – Drainage Membrane

HDPE dimpled membranes with filter fabric for drainage of underground walls and roof gardens

Dimpled Drainage Membranes Australia

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MERZ Drain V – Drainage Membrane can be supplied in PRIVATE LABEL.

Product Details

Non-Woven Fabric Keeps The Drainage Sheet Free

Drainage membranes with additional, top-laminated non-woven fabric are often an alternative worth considering. This special design makes sure that the dimple structure is kept free from dirt and mud at all times. The fabric, made of robust, non-rotting polypropylene always keep the outlet drain of the studs open, giving you the confidence to have a powerful and efficient drainage function for your home. The air chamber ensures that significantly more seepage water drains off than from conventional drainage membranes. This is a good choice, particularly when the building is located on a slope.

MERZ Drain V

Drainage membranes with the high-tensile drainage membrane and filter fleece

MERZ Drain Plus

Drainage membranes with filter fleece and sliding foil

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