MERZ Garden Cell Paving Grids

The Environmentally-Friendly Cellular Grass Paving System.

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MERZ Garden Cell Paving Grids can be supplied in PRIVATE LABEL.

Product Details

MERZ Garden Cell Paving Grids are made of recycled polyethylene (HDPE) can be shaken and are the perfect solution for park areas, driveways and paths. It goes without saying that our product components are non-hazardous, environmentally friendly, and 100% recyclable. MERZ Garden Cell Paving Grids have a simple interlocking system that holds the panels together.

The use of HDPE in producing the cellular grass paving, is a fundamental advantage particularly during hot seasons as it is a nonporous material, so the honeycombs which contain the soil do not absorb humidity, keeping the lawn naturally humid under solar irradiation. MERZ Garden Cell is non-toxic, it does not pollute the water table and it does not release chemicals into the environment.

Size : 50cm x 50cm x 4 cm
Laying speed: approx. 30 – 40 sqm per hour
Colour: Green

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