MS Waterproofing

One Part, VOC free, MS Polymer Based Liquid Waterproof Coating

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Pure MS Waterproofing can be supplied in PRIVATE LABEL.

Product Details

High performance pure MS polymer based waterproofing solution for wet rooms & balconies featuring extremely fast curing properties.

One part, VOC free, special waterproofing material based on MS Polymer latest technology . MS Waterproofing features a unique blue color and is based on high quality ms polymers that enables fast curing and high waterproofing properties.


MS Waterproof coating may be applied with a brush / roller / squeegee

Consumption: 3.0 Kg / sqm in one layer in order to achieve a dry layer of 1.5 mm.

Complete dry: 12 hours in 23°C and above 10% relative humidity. After curing, it is recommended to place a Geotextile membrane (120 gr./sqm), as a protection layer before tiles.

24Kg Pail

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