PROSEAL TPE Joint Sealing System

High performance joint and crack sealing system for construction joints, expansion (movement) joints and connection joints or cracks. 

Expansion Joint Tapes

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TPE Expansion Joint Sealing Tapes can be supplied in PRIVATE LABEL.

Product Details

TPE flexible sealing tape is thin and extra-tough elastic strip with considerable longitudinal and lateral extension. Ideal for sealing and waterproofing expansion joints and over cracks subject to irregular and high movements. Excellent resistance to weathering, UV radiation and chemically stable. Thermal welding ensures secure, watertight joints.

Chemical Base of The Tape: Flexible TPE Based Polymer

Surface Structure: Even or Textured Surface


Thickness: 1 mm / 1.25 mm / 1.50 mm / 2 mm

Width: 150 mm / 200 mm / 250 mm / 300 mm / 350 mm / 400 mm

Length: 25m rolls

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